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Cover Photo

Wondering if anyone else is having problems uploading a cover image? I have mine ready, correct size, etc., but when I upload it, nothing shows up in the window where I’m supposed to drag it to center it. Any ideas? I don’t get any error messages or anything, just… nothing.

I haven’t been able to upload one, either, but I get different results. The closest I got to having it upload, I ended up with a message across the top saying something I didn’t understand about crop marks being wrong and percentages or proportions or something. It had 2 reasons given, and both said things like that. Most of the time I get the “Oops, something went wrong, we’re looking into it” message. I do know that if you make your cover photo yourself out of several images, like a collage, you can’t leave any blank background area or edging. The graphics have to cover the entire space of the cover photo image or you must have a full background on which you place photos (was why some of my sample photos wouldn’t upload, but I found that solution on the forums. Even submitted tickets to CS, and they never told me why my photos wouldn’t upload, just told me to switch browsers, which wouldn’t have helped in that situation, but that’s all they’ve ever suggested to me for any technical problems).