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Cover photos are with terrible quality. Why?

Does anybody knows why when we upload a cover photo for our gig, the image loses its quality?

For example look at this gig:

Look at the same illustration on the gig’s image and gig’s cover. There is a huge difference.

I tried it myself and uploaded cover for one of my gigs, but the image became terrible once I uploaded it as a cover. And the image dimensions were the ones Fiverr suggests: 1100x260.

So why is this happening?

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Looks fine to me. Are you on a phone/tablet?

Your cover photo looks fine to me, also, on my laptop computer.

This is not my gig. I just gave it as an example, because I don’t have a cover photo of my own.

I am using my laptop and Mozilla browser. And here is how it looks like:

Don’t tell me you don’t see a difference in the quality.

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The color is slightly different, but overall it’s okay to me. Could also due to how that seller made it (on purpose or not) . My banner is exactly how I have them in my computer.

Oh, sorry, misread what you wrote. And the sheriff thought you were calling out someone else, so the image is gone. Have you changed the percentage of your browser? I have a vision difficulty and usually resize my browser to a larger font/percentage, which slightly changes how I view images. Sometimes that can happen accidentally, too. And IMO, not having a cover image for traffic gigs wouldn’t be the end of the world. It’s clear what you sell…another, bigger graphic isn’t going to change peoples’ perspectives on them.

Anyway, good luck with your problem. Maybe CS can help you.