Cover photos, who do they really benifit?


What is the point in giving the option for a cover image for our gigs if we don’t have freedom to post them? Ive posted several photos so far and all have been taken down. I get a messages saying that my photos weren’t high quality or contained text or not my work or some other bullsh*t excuse. All my images are high quality all of my work is professional and I have 100 percent good reviews that back me up. So it really pee’s me off for my work to get taken down and to receive a stupid email. Its like the cover photo is more for fiverr to use on their front page for advertising than for our benefit. All the money fiverr makes off us daily the freedom of a cover photo is the least they can do in return. Anyone else have any views on this subject?


Your photo should be about attracting buyers and getting them to click on your gig. I certainly understand your irritation but think what is best for the buyer, not you and not fiverr and the gigs will pour in - as long as your gig is something in demand. I had to update the quality of my photo 3 times before it was accepted and it was just a picture of me. go figure


I’m having similar problems. And I am equally as frustrated. I had about 6 photos get rejected for very vague reasons. I decided rather than beat my head repeatedly against a brick wall, I’d just go ahead & ask them directly what they wanted. After the third support request, I finally got an answer… and it was still vague. I do not have the time to sit here & try again and again to get a $5 gig up when there is no clear delineation of what they are looking for. Or at the very least, if they are going to set the rules as ___ quality and ____ size and ____ type, then they should stick to that, and not say "well, it follows those rules, but it still isn’t what we want."

And to the previous poster - the point is, no one should have to re-post something that many times… especially when there is absolutely no clarity as to what an “acceptable” photo is.


Exactly Droberts, thank you. To Kjblynx your post makes no sense at all, you first say fiverrr reviews every image so they have the right to deny an image for any reason. Then below that you list the do’s and don’t s. If I wanted to hear that again I would have contacted customer service again. You post nothing useful only what I already know. My post is about having a problem with my cover photo being taken down for no apparent reason and receiving messages telling me that my picture isn’t quality and not my original artwork when in fact all my work is high resolution quality and created by me. And how fiverr basically uses the cover photos for their own advertising purposes so they only allow cover photos that they feel benefit them. As well as how I believe the cover photo should benefit us the seller instead of fiverr.

Lets take for instance your cover photo here the resolution on that thing is like 72dpi and the quality composition isnt good at all. You yourself wrote in the list of donts to not add text to your photo it is not a banner and well look again you have added text to the photo. Your cover photo fails in 3 separate areas yet it has not been taken down.

You come to this post and try to make it seem like oh you wouldn’t have a problem if you followed the rules, well explain how it is that you aren’t following the rules but yet seem to not be having any problems.