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Cover the Negatice reviews from of buyer

If buyer has taken final files from you and instead of this has given a negative review.
What to do then?

Your question is very confuse but it seems things went as expected.

You delivered so the client got the final files, and since you got a review that means the order was closed and your payment released.

About the review not being as great as you’d have hoped that happens and there isn’t really much you can do.


You had an order and you delivered files to the buyer.
He accepted the files without stating he doesn’t like them or he did not ask for revision.

He accepted delivery but left a bad review.

You believe that the review is unjustified.

You can not change the negative review but what you can do is write your response to his review and that will be permanently visible to all who check reviews before purchasing. Some of the best sellers here have 1-star review.

And your profile has no negative reviews, the lowest is 3.7. That is not negative.

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yes i already written the response there.
thank you for the info marina :slight_smile:

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