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COVID-19 destroy the one third of a freelancer's Career

Due to this COVID situation, don’t you think that your impression and clicks is going to be downstairs!

What should we do at this time as a new freelancer!

Please give me some advice to rank my gig and get some order to earn.

Thanks in advance.


Don´t you think that COVID-19 actually accelerated freelance business?

Don´t get me wrong but services like creating coming soon page, installing wordpress and data entry are services where you cann´t expect skyrocket sales.


Then what should I try? Can you please help?


Unfortunately, I can’t. You’ll need to figure it out yourself.


Oh ok. I will try to improve myself. Thank you.

Got the best time of my life.

Sales are #huuuuuuuuuuge

Maybe it´s you and not Covid.


It can be. But I also try to rank my gig.

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What do you actually want to achieve with this thread?

Like blavaro said COVID-19 actually accelerated freelance business, also impression and clicks do not matter,its a Fiverr myth, what actually matters is how proficient the work that you do and how much competition there is in the field that you work in.


It depends from the point of view.

COVID-19 could have somehow “destroyed” freelancers’ career, because many people lost their job and tried Freelancing, so there is more competition now. Like on Fiverr, there’s been a big increase in the quantity of sellers.

On the other hand, always due to this pandemic, many people are trying to start an online business or open an online shop, ecc. and are in need of logos, data entry, blog writers,… and the list goes on.

So it really depends on your point of view and what you do with the situation.


Every freelancers should have their emergency plan for bad times, Those who had that, I think they can fight with every pandemic. It is okay to have bad times in carrier. These incidents are the best listen of our life.


How is this possible ?

I Don’t thinks so. But maybe many old sellers order reduce.But i belive it’s for temporary


Covid-19 inspired me to be a freelancer.

As others have noted, the COVID situation seems to have increased freelancing traffic, but that means that there are also probably a lot of people who have turned to freelancing now for work since their regular jobs suddenly became unstable so the market may have more customers, but it’s probably getting saturated with new sellers, too. Nothing you can really do about that, but if your business is slower than you’d like, it’s probably a great time to focus on new ways to market yourself, improve your craft, learn another aspect of your business, etc. There is always something new to learn and a better way to grow your business. I learned a lot just from free online sources like YouTube videos which ended up giving me new skills I could sell. Good luck!


No advice here. My freelance career has been destroyed to 1/100th. I’ve been here for years. And it doesn’t help that fiverr allows scammers to cancel their completed orders, even when I refuse.


Good luck my friend @arshawons

Covid-19 taught me a lot of things that I didn’t think of before.

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