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COVID-19 Experience, How To Kill It's Effect on you

Lockdown everywhere. Many are sad ,but some others are smiling. This Covid-19 experience is giving a lot of freelancers more time to do good jobs. By restricted movement, It’s making me work so hard indoors and staying focused reason i have lots of creative thinking and brainstorming sessions presently. What about you? How has it affected your business? What do you do to get your mind of the huge distractions of the pandemic and its lockdown effects on you. Share your thoughts now my friend.


its for creative minds around.

I saw this coming years ago. However I am starting to worry that I don’t have enough supplies ready for the supermarket shutdowns. In this case, I’m presently buying lots of vinegar. With this, I plan to pickle 500 eggs.

If I eat 5 pickled eggs a day, this will last me 100 days which is the approximate length of winter. After that, I can fish for my food.

In the meantime, I am looking dreamily at boats for sale on the Internet, wondering if I am really stupid enough to buy one and try and sail off somewhere, despite me having no seafaring experience.


As a creative, I look at this as an opportunity…disguised as a problem.
My Fiverr-related business has slowed, BUT that opened up more time for my non-fiverr-based businesses to ramp up. I’ve had time to build out my studio, update and learn new software, take a few online learning courses that I could not have earlier due to the amount of work. Everything I do now is with the intent of what happens when this is all over (the lockdown and economic downturn). There are still opportunities to do more. I’ve began learning guitar, conversational Spanish and completed a couple of Adobe software certifications and every night I sit out on my patio and watch Netlix and drink a Modelo beer (I may have a pending drinking problem, but nobody’s perfect) and look at the stars.
I’ve seen bad before. I’ve been broke and homeless before, so that doesn’t really frighten me. My hopes for everyone is to stay healthy, find the opportunity in this pandemic to learn something - do something - say something or be something that you’ve always wanted to. I ask the question : When this ends, and it will end, what YOU do you want to be? It was Nietzsche that said “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. I focus on the “why”. It has been my experience that the “how” always takes care of itself. Those are just my thoughts.


I find things like this:

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I’m also brushing up on my medical knowledge:

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Bravo dude, u got it well cushioned out. Thumbs up. I liek the way u gonna fix it. You will sure get it off your mind man. Enjoy the moment and make good sales.

I applaud your courage man. You have the right mindset to face it squarely. Dont get your back to the ground. Keep on cranking, get busy, get smart, get spiced up, and u will all the way to the top as you keep adding value to your self. Well done man.

Fabulous, you doing right, keep it going and keep improving all the way.

I’m adjusting what I cannot tolerate: Vitamin C capsules which can cause kidney stones, which I had, flax seed in any form, which causes me to have severe stomach pains, as well as trying to eat only real food, nothing processed at all. I have stocked up on a variety of foods in case that day comes when food is not available.

I’ve also researched the various types of bottled water here and found Fiji Water, which has the best taste, has trace amounts of uranium in it, so I’ve switched to a more local source which has remarkably pure water with zero uranium, which Perrier and S. Pellegrino also have. Some bottled water even has things like lead in it.

I have found an online doctor service which will prescribe most non-controlled medications also and used them once so far and it took all of ten minutes to get the prescription I requested, by phone, sent to my local pharmacy. I wish I had found this much sooner. Visiting a doctor here can be an all afternoon ordeal, with hours spent in a crowded waiting room, where I feel under suspicion of being a drug addict, and am told to visit another place with another crowded waiting room to get blood tests.

Nutrition and exercise are top priorities now. In the past five years I’ve had two small emergency operations and do not want that to happen again, as it would be a disaster at this time to need to go to a hospital for any reason.

I’m trying to find an electrolyte supplement that contains only healthy ingredients which is hard to do.

As far as homeopathy goes I’ve used that with success in the past. I’ve also used herbs/plants to cure serious medical issues.
I take vitamin D3 and fish oil capsules every day also.


Then you and Cy have something in common.

Being broke and homeless scares me a great deal.

My hubby’s cardiologist said it was more effective to eat seafood or fish at least twice a week instead of takig fish oil capsules.


I eat it about four times a week, salmon usually. I love it or anything from the sea. I tend to have thick blood so I try to get as much fish oil as possible. Wild salmon is the best so I’ve stocked up on packages and cans of wild salmon.

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I have been living “lockdown” life since past few years, either working or watching movies and gaming. Now that we actually have a lockdown, I want to go outside. That’s probably because of how human psychology works. But since there is no big change in my lifestyle, I am doing pretty good.

Only thing I miss now is the gym. Joined it last year as new year’s resolution. I had a good routine until February. Decided to stay at home after hearing about virus. I am too lazy to workout at home.

Just like misscrystal, I bought some Vitamin D3 sachets. And some Ayurvedic immunity boosting meds/supplements. Stores are delivering daily needs & groceries, so, there is nothing to worry about.

Hope you-all are doing good.


Fabulous, you have really done well. i encourage you to continue your work out and taking time to keep fit. Soo, we will all be out once again. Thank friend.

You really got a good remedy. keep it up, and stay healthy even in business.

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Splendid. You nailed it. You have it all figured out. I want to tell you to stay strong and believe you will get better. Stick to your regimen that works for you and keep soaring strong. We all will soon be out of crisis and then there will be array of hope once again.

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Trust me, you will regret not trying to maintain something like your workout routine. One day you will say to yourself "nah, I can skip working out today, I’ll make up for it tomorrow." Then it will suddenly be 6-months later, your adonis belt will be one giant love handle and where you once had a jawline, there will only be a mass of neckbeard.

Don’t let it happen! Take control now while you still can!


Pretty good advice. Am not sure hs has given up on his working out plans. Perhaps he is looking out for a much more appropriate timing. But like you adcised him, better late to continue now, than never at all. Well done guys.

I actually had both of these. Lost 45 pounds recently.

I am a man of culture, whenever I say “I can skip working out today”, it is never followed by “I’ll make up for it tomorrow”. Lol.

I haven’t gained any weight as I keep a close track on my diet, I actually lost a pound or two in last 2 months but I am surely not going to enjoy the sore muscles after I start the gym again.

Every night I decide to start working out and put my treadmill to good use, but in morning, I very conveniently “forget” it. I even installed a workout app, and uninstalled it, and installed it again. Hopefully I’ll start from tomorrow morning.


I miss my gym too. I had yoga classes and weight machines I enjoyed.