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COVID-19 Experience, How To Kill It's Effect on you

That’s what I said before I turned into John Candy. :frowning:

However, I found a good deal on a kayak today. If I press the buy button, I will be forced to exercise as I hate wasting money. :thinking:

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My country’s been a center of a geopolitical instability (which would be a politically correct way of putting it) for nearly 6 years now and I gave up on feeling optimistic about where the world was going 3 years into it. It feels at times that I should be more terrified than I am but again, it’s been years and I neither see the point nor have energy.

I’ve been painting again, it’s been fun on occasion. If you can put aside the pressure to create a quarantine masterpiece to blow everyone away, creative expression of any (legal) kind is good for you. Unless it’s singing. My neighbours seem to have a karaoke machine which they’ve never used until now and it’s been a torturous experience so far.


Understanding the spread of coronavirus in human body. … Covid - 19 , the disease caused by coronavirus, is known to kill between 3-4 per cent of those … However, many people with COVID - 19 experience only mild symptoms. … 9 things that happen to your body when you stop smoking.
Standard recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include frequent cleaning of hands using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water; covering the nose and mouth with a flexed elbow or disposable tissue when coughing and sneezing; and avoiding close contact with anyone that has a fever and cough.

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My good news of the day:

  1. coughing guy, the guy who walks around my house twice a day coughing loudly for the past two months, has not been heard coughing for two days in a row.

  2. the neighbors have finally stopped having nightly loud get togethers

  3. the guy with the Cobra race car with no muffler has mostly not been driving around nearby lately.

So it’s very quiet here, almost eerie.


In day times, i collect new ideas of website designs, play around with different techniques and tricks of html5 css3 desingning.

And in the evening, 1.5 hours of boxing :boxing_glove: training. A very tough home workout. That’s it :sunglasses:

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Interesting. You are also keeping feet.

They have activities keeping them busy.

Keep up your painting works. its a good way of getting busy.

i think i will like such workout sessions also.

Gradually, the world is becoming normal again. Am glad to see that most nations are coming back from lockdown and crisis point. Its good for our business. What new things have you done recently to boost your sale and your happiness. Share your thoughts my friends. Glad to have you here pals. :+1:

Who has any positive news on when this lockdown will be over across the globe. We want our daily lifestyle to pick up once again and also business. kindly lets know your view.

it is already becoming over soon.

We got farmer markets opened again since yesterday. The guy who was selling me fresh vegetables was so excited to finally talk to a customer that he spent 20 minutes discussing hand sanitizers with me. :slight_smile: I didn’t even mind.

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Aw that’s so sweet. Let’s hope that he doesn’t catch it. Be sure to wash those well. I’m very paranoid to talk to or see anyone. I don’t even see the people who deliver the food here.

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He was wearing the cutest homemade plastic face shield and the pink gloves his wife gave him. Everything about him was adorable. :slight_smile: I don’t really like people but this dang virus kind of makes me like people a little bit.

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After what humans have done to the planet we got what was coming to us. It’s what anyone could have expected if they were eating bats.