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COVID - 19 & Fiverr

I hope everyone is safe from the current pandemic and I am wishing everybody for better health and everyone who has Corona will get cure Immidetly with all the wishes. I was hoping to start this conversation since we all are facing a bad time with this pandemic.

I am not really sure how long will get this to cure but; we all are getting you rumors about medicine which is not valid ( around the world). So as a team, We all need to be safe from this and wanted to stop spreading around us and the rest of the world.

I hope every one of you will get the best actions possible to avoid spreading this virus among us and we can always lead for a better future. I would like to know more ideas from any of you to secure and safe from the pandemic and set our goals as always to the top with Fiverr.

As a freelancer, this might be the days you will get Lost or you Win, but don’t forget that all the worst-case scenarios will lead to a better understanding and clear future for all of us. If anyone feels sad within this crisis, make sure to be strong and be the light. :muscle:

I hope to see any “ideas” which will help us to grow as a team from all of you out there.

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Thank You and Be safe !!!
Heshan Withana

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