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Covid 19 related problems

Hello everyone hope all are safe,
i started to work fiverr few months ago, but i active on this just 4 weeks.
i have lots clicks, views, impressions. But i don’t get orders, do you think it’s because of covid 19.

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There’s no way anyone could know or even make an educated guess.

Most of the time when people complain in the forum about not getting orders, they’re selling things whose supply exceeds demand. That’s probably related.


so what’s the solution what is your opinion.

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As I’ve explained here hundreds of times, research your competition and make sure supply doesn’t exceed demand for what you want to sell. THEN create a gig. Don’t create a gig without making sure you aren’t superfluous and then wonder why you aren’t selling.


I used to be scared to see the virus in the media. May Allah protect us from this.
But in the last few days this virus has come to my village.
So far ten have been infected.