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COVID-19 v/s your country

Hi there;
Lets talk about… what were initiatives that made by your country to protect you from this virus at the early stage ???

       Im from India and my country made complete  lock down... All colleges companies church everything were closed.....And the government provide food and money for those who are in need

We have had a new drug approved called remdesivir. It is being shipped out to hospitals now. It was a huge rush to produce this drug and get it out where it can be used in hospitals.

Here we have 50 states and each state has been left to decide if they will order people to go out or not. We have by far the most people with the virus since nothing is being done including very few tests are done on people to see if they have the virus. It has been a huge failure. We have no overall government action on this problem.

The virus will continue to spread so that in a year everyone in the country will have been exposed to it. We have mostly been staying inside for the past month or two everywhere but now people are starting to act as if it’s all over and starting to go outside and act like nothing has happened.

Okk… Can I know where are you from ?

USA… We have more cases of the virus than the rest of the world combined. This is a failure of our government. No action has been taken at all, aside from approving that drug.

Very few people are even able to get tested for the virus. We have no way of knowing how many have it or who has it or who they have been in contact with. It’s very depressing. We have no leadership on this problem.

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Sorry about that… But only we can do is have healthy food, good sleep and exercise …this will helps you to increase your immunity …Stay healthy… Stay Safe …

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It sounds like your government is doing very well compared to ours. Wishing you best of health!

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Thank You @misscrystal Stay safe :slight_smile:

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Yeah, in France it’s pretty much the same, everything is locked down we can’t go outside wothout any good reason… The government plans on releasing parts of the country slowly but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Schools are supposed to reopen.


Same here in U.S. Now for some reason things are opening up, as if it’s all over and everyone is safe. Smart people don’t go out around others.

It might be a year or more but if that’s what it takes to stay alive then that’s what I intend to do. I don’t want that disease. Who knows how it will affect you? Maybe you will be lucky and it will be like a bad flu, or maybe you won’t be able to breath.


Here in Austria almost all shops are open again.

The rate is very low.

We’re fine.

In a few days, the inns will open with stricter requirements.


You’re lucky. We aren’t fine here, we have over a million cases and over 60,000 dead so far and it’s just begun.