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COVID impact on freelancing job

I am office based emplyee and just statred Fiverr as freelance human resource and administrationa professional.
The question i need to ask is;
Q: How covid-19 impacted on your fiverr experience? did you get more work to do or orders were reduced.

  1. Yes, there is MUCH more work now
  2. At the same time, there are many “buyers” who wants to get a high quality services and to pay the minimal rate. Also many people who simply doesn’t ready to pay, so it’s a lot of scam nowadays
  3. Much more work, but MUCH MUCH MORE new freelancers as well.

So if you want to try, just try, but don’t leave your office job. Don’t leave your job until you have a good income as a freelancer.


It depends on the category/industry. In some cases there’s a lot less work.

For writing, there’s pretty much the same demand, maybe a bit more, but at least on Fiverr there are 3 times the sellers.


Yes, totally agree!

Not only on Fiverr, other platforms as well


I assume so. I know Fiverr’s numbers because pre-Covid the Articles and Blog posts category had around 19k people, now there are 45k at least. And that’s just a sub-category from writing (the most populated one, true).


Thanks @olyasr & @donnovan86.
Actually most of the people lost their jobs during pendamic and freelancing is the only job which you can do from home. Though I did my routine office job from home for the last year and still situation is not compeletly satisfactory regarding COVID.
Freelancing platforms are more crowded and if we see the positive aspect of this crowdness is “more competition with more new ideas and thoughts”.


I believe the fiverr marketplace became more competitive after the Covid pandemic

Because In this Covid pandemic, many people lost their job and they landed up on freelancing marketplaces (which led to the more competition)

If I have to sums up the entire situation of freelance marketplaces in one line

Supply > Demand


I really felt it that a lot of people came here to search for a job, so now we are having a lot more competitors, it was much more easy to find work like year ago haha.

Now you should try to stand out more with your work and skills.


Yes, it’s impacted my work. I’ve lost about 90% of my income over the past year.

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I’m a web content writer.

I do this full-time from my home and Fiverr supplies me with about 30% of my monthly income.

I have found that COVID has impacted my workload to where I have had it drop to about half of what it was.

However, I have noticed a slight uptick in business from December 2020 to January 2021.

What COVID has done to my business is that it has caused many of my regular clients to cut back on the amount of web content they normally ordered.

As for Fiverr, COVID forced a lot of people out of work who have come here seeking fame and fortune.

That means a lot more competition for me and many of the traditional types of freelance gigs.


I feel so sorry @meldawn9
However, best wishes for the best opportunities.

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Yea, that’s true @looseink, compitition is increased now, or it will not be wrong, if we say its on peak!

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I am also facing this problem.

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Yes i also facing the economics problem

Freelancers in other fields fall at the end of each extreme, with some seeing potential work dry up and others finding their options have increased. Graphic designers, writers and wedding photographers may be seeing listings as companies cut staff or reduce budgets.
Many platforms that rely on gig workers have made their own amendments to relieve the financial and other pandemic-related stresses.

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Yes i also facing the economics problem

Hello, I’m glad to share my COVID time experience, on that lockdown period where all the office were closed, people sitting on the home, having financial issues, I’m fortunate to say that with Fiverr I did a lot of projects , and I actually worked and got more projects than other time. Thanks to Fiverr, for helping me on those tough situations :smiley:

Hi all,
I have started my freelancing career in this COVID time. I didn’t comment on this question. But It’s been a wonderful year for me. I believes that ‘Hard work always pays off’.