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Covid19 issues that how impact me?!❤️❤️this is love💫

Hey all !
May I discuss here the reason for joining this fiverr website!
Its all about gratitude to covid 19 situation😀
…because before these pandemic honestly I’m not at all bothered about these types of working or marketplace or not…only vibes
Exactly since I stay in home as long I learner alot of lessons
And to improve my mental stability I joined here as a freelancer
Now I got a rather best satisfaction :slightly_smiling_face:
Some of them told covid situation that makes them dim!!
But I thing I got a more time to spent with my family
And now I joined these Fiverr…for self stand
Thanks guys
Please reply all !
I hope you are all join with my pleasure :heart::heart::heart:
With love​:fire::heart_eyes_cat:


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, that’s a great decision that you have joined fiverr.

During covid times, I’ve seen all my friends whom I have taught about fiverr excelling as the digital market has boosted. Businesses have digitalized, expanding that online market even to a further better level.

Now buyers needing services or sellers selling services are preferring online markets even more due to the local situations of COVID 19.

Best of luck!