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I have just spent almost 2 weeks providing detailed information to “fragglesrock” username. You will see his video presentations as I did at first, but having dealt with this seller personally, I have no problem in showing my conversation thread to anyone that wants to see it. If you are a professional business, any size business, you don’t want to deal with this bullying and disrespectful individual that considers the job to be “too cheap” for anyone to complain, particularly when he is late in delivery or in communication. “fragglesrock” is a joke, and you should order your video presentations from true professionals even when that costs more.

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Just in case there’s any doubt about about this unethical seller, you can find it here

Ask me personally for details about the full conversation, payment, and subsequent cancellation by this seller.



You overlooked the part…

Dear mactac3,

%$#&& left you a message in your inbox: - See more at:

I have read it.

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I’de like to share a response that I got from this “Fragglesrock” person today.

The pathetic thing about all of this is that you could offered to fix the things that I didn’t like and asked for more money…and I would have paid it gladly.

Here is one of his nasty replies:

Dear mactac3,

Fragglesrock left you a message in your inbox:

"I couldn’t care what you say otherwise I won’t be in business for 26 years. Do you think fiverr is our business? Our pressence is limited here to help small business. What is provided on fiverr is limited for what you get in this case $40. The ppt points where not provided in advance and were written badly with grammar errors. So, what do you expect bud. You basically cheated yourself, you were not honest in advance. You are supposed to provide the info in advance to be assessed. Of course, you as an american won’t admit your fault because of your arrogance. But, wait until your country destroys itself, it’s already a joke. Glad I have my choice where to live in the world. Have a good day! haha."

Fragglesrock should not be part of Fiverr.

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