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Crafting a Better Description


Hi guys,

This is where you need to brag a bit but make sure it’s RELEVANT to your buyers - what they get from you which other sellers can’t really offer. In other words, be unique but not weird.

  1. Check Best-Selling Gigs. As always, don’t reinvent the wheel. Just innovate a bit what they have done. If you have highly unique and on demand idea, you can give it a try.

  2. Tagline. Put your tagline first to make you unique from others. Etc: “Welcome to the Logo Clinic”. Keep it short and easy to memorize.

  3. Keywords. Don’t forget to include your keywords properly into the description.

  4. Experience. No matter how small the project was, it’s still valuable. You can put your voluntary work during school period too.

  5. Rating. You can add previous ratings from different countries if your experience is not enough. Etc: Five Star Reviews from Poland.

  6. Relax. It’s okay to have some minor grammar and spelling mistakes especially for non native speakers.

  7. Clarity. Use bullets or numberings to make your description clear. So the buyers don’t have to read twice.

  8. Your Offer. This is where you need to be really different from others - if you don’t want to offer lower price for a gig, you can provide extra service here. Etc: I provide UNLIMITED Revision with Free Formatting.

  9. Custom offer. Ask them to contact you before placing order to avoid miscommunication.

  10. Updates. Don’t forget to add your experience from time to time but don’t do this too often. Always check your statistic for a week after updating gigs. If there’s a huge drop, then contact customer support.

  11. Negotiable price/rate. Some people prefer to offer this. I’m one of them but at reasonable rate. This is true for big project.

> Less is More.

All the best. :sunny:

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can we add ANY youtube link as well without violating TOS?


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This is currently not allowed - CS told me (and others as well) that offering free stuff or bonus offers like that to lure in clients is forbidden. This could easily lead to account suspension.


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Thank you brother for reminding us. I will edit my gigs soon. :slight_smile:


Can we add external links for portfolio? Like Youtube link etc?


Go to the below page and open/expand the last question to find the answer:


Read @Woofy31 comment below. Sorry for the late reply.


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Thank you, Really that is great


Please don’t relax if you’ve grammar mistakes in your description, you may use grammarly free extension for proofreading


I strongly feel that all the 11 points are worth considering for successful selling! Thank You!


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