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Crafting a Better Description


Very useful.Thanks for sharing!!


I do get kinda nervous while writing these “resumes”… idk if im writing too much or if something is missing. halp


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Exclusive tips for a new seller.


Great tips! I could also add to be specific and clear in the description. Buyer needs to see fast what you offer and answer his questions while reading the description. Long descriptions are a little hard to work i think. So keep it simple!



I will agree with you. best wishes


While crafting a gig description, your focus should be more on writing a detailed and easy to understand description than on the size. If you have a lot of information to convey, I don’t think a long gig description will put you at a disadvantage. It’s better than having a short and “simple” description that skips on/is unable to cover all the important details that your buyers need to know.

Sure! You can use the real estate available in your FAQ section to shorten your gig description. However, what I’ve said above is assuming that the FAQ section is already “sold out”.


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This is great! I will definitely use this for my gigs!


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Thanks for the tips, they were useful!