Crafty Fiverrers Unite!


Giving a shout out and love to my fellow crafters/fiber artists.

Some love for, especially for this gig: – This has some fine work and frankly, is a steal at $5. (Most crocheters I know would charge $25 and it wouldn’t be as sharply stitched and cleanly worked as this one. See pic.) Check out their Hello Kitty hat too.

Also loving these craftygigs. These are steals and need more love:

Any other crafters here? Post away! Have a great day, guys!


Here’s one crafty gig I’m planning on ordering soon that is just beyond cute by @breathlessbloom


Reply to @zulualpha: WOW! The tentacle eyeball and yaks are fabulous. I also love to see how they’ve improved as they filled more orders. Great gig!