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Craiglist pva accounts - scams

a complaint against this seller - FRAGGLESROCK
Order: xxxxx

Who can provide Craiglist account with PVA. - now he as saying if the ad does not work its not his problem -
of course - its his problem - because CL knows these are scammed. they can traced.

I advise everyone - once you posted an ad. wait for few minutes - check your ad or your CL dashboard. you can see - CL has been deleted your ad - with red highlighted.

i have noticed all the accounts he gave had already existing ads on it - all were flagged / deleted - go to the dashboard, its shows / clearly that this never work - it show that the account he gave you already use but failed - check dashboard. CL traced this kind of activity. and yes, ONCE YOU SEND your ad, thought was alright but wait...

and now the seller was so clever calling me a Scammer - trying to make himself as a victim. Im one of the BEST BUYER here in Fiverr. They Knew me here for many years. and dont threaten me like never show my face here. You are one dangerous seller ! - you dont threaten people or buyers - YOU ARE VERY DEFENSIVE , professional scammer. CLEVER !! . I dont care about money . I spend already almost a thousands to sum up being a regular buyer here for many years.

note: the only way you can use is their craiglist forum - but that is not our main target - we want to sell and post our ad through classified section not the forum one.

WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF - HE WAS CALLING ME A SCAMMER. ! now i want to leave a negative feedback. he doesnt want me to.

he keeps saying its not his problem is ad is removed. WHATTTT? thats not fair. that not right. I ASKED HIM TO POST THE AD HIMSELF - to proved but refused.

his profile : Give 2 usa pva craiglist accounts, which can be used for craiglist marketing

this seller needs to go. and i dont deserved to be called scammer ., or threaten me not to show up or come back, I SAY WHAATTTTT?
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Your profile photo is interesting. Not a selfie?

but if he is selling Craigslist PVA accounts,

then posting and Flagging has nothing to do with it.

posting and flagging is completely Depends upon the Content you Tries to Post on Craigslist

so if you already got your Accounts, what actually he is Selling.

its the Job Done, you should be Happy

but he did nt Send you Accounts Yet

then we all can Complaint Against Him

please keep us Updated

so its scammed! its not fair - he should saying in his profile gig ad - im not responsible after what you posted, if its removed or flagged. He wont say that otherwise , No customers will buy his gig. correct??

to have an account - in craiglist , anyone can do.

now , it is not something what you have posted. CL knows whats goin on. You cant have a lot of PVA account to sell . - or you must have a different phone numbers.

or you own a lot of different phones

yeah he give me an accounts - according to his promise but the account - an account that has existing posted ads that shows were flagged / deleted. so its not a good sign already. so when i did mine , in few seconds - my ads were deleted too.

Give 2 usa pva craiglist accounts, which can be used for craiglist marketing

Seller: fragglesrock

but why he gave me this accounts with an existing ads on it on file at the dashboard all were red flagged too. those existing ads were not mine. so the accounts he gave me is already used . as you can see all were flagged too.

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