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Craigslist blocked


To promote my gig I thought “Hey! Craigslist does free ads!”

I spent countless minutes writing the perfect ad.

Then I got this message …

" A block has been placed against: “”"

How do I place my link to my gig on Craigslist? Is it even possible?


Not sure if a link shortener or redirect would work, but you could try it!


My advice is to copy and paste what you write on Microsoft Word just in case this happens. Sometimes I write a long reply on Youtube and then I’m told that the content couldn’t be posted. Then I refresh, and I’m able to post it.

The internet is frustrating about that.

I can tell you that Craigslist and Backpage are cracking down on all types of ads. Backpage got rid of their escort section. Craigslist hates it if you spam. To them, advertising your gigs there may seem like spamming. They’re suspicious because the Internet is always full of tricksters.

For example, say you want to drive traffic to your website, one way to do it is by creating a fake job ad and including your website name. This drives traffic, but then you’re hurting people since you’re wasting their time.