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Crap app and dodgy site

Has anyone else become annoyed with the app? On installing it asks for permissions, an abundance in my view including access to numbers etc. The app should not take any data from users, thats clear business sense if they want an honest reputation.

Secondly the app is total crap anyway, anyone else seen it?

The website also leads to my pc or tablet saying there are security issues with the site.

I have been a user for a few days, I commend the services but I think the people behind this are after more than just 50 cents per purchase.


Plus when I tried to complain directly, it logs me out and never accepts my attempts to contaft directly.

people beware!

Haven’t had any issues with either, certainly none on the website about security issues.

Behold the FHD screenshot of the permissions.

I don’t see any access for numbers.