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Crappy Job

I realize that it’s probably too late to do anything about this issue… I paid someone on here the $5 that they advertised to digitize my logo. They came back and said that it was too complicated and would require additional gigs. They asked for more money or a different logo. I gave them a different logo. When it was sent to me, it was not done correctly, so I requested a revision. It was sent again, still not correct, requested a revision. They responded back ‘Please no more revisions’ to which I replied, ‘make it right and there won’t need to be any more’. It was sent to me, finally correct there on the preview. This is now a couple of months ago. When I opened it on my friend’s computer to embroider on to a shirt, the colors were screwed up - like they were prior to the revisions. This person only made the changes ON THE PREVIEW and not on the actual coloring of the stitches.

Needless to say, I am pretty pissed. Granted I only spent $5, but I feel that I got completely ripped off.

Any advice?

“I only spent $5.”

I mean, there’s your answer. That’s like eating McDonald’s dollar menu and then complaining it’s unhealthy fast food and should somehow have the taste and quality of something from Wolfgang Puck.

The preview file IS the final file so I am not sure how they could’ve duped you. My guess is you saved the wrong file.

Was thinking the same thing, very odd? :confused:

If someone tells me “it’s too complicated,” I’m just going to hire someone else. What’s complicated for one is easy for someone else. Frankly, I think someone just wanted to make more money. That’s fine, I do the same with my proofreading:

"Please note I don’t have time to proofread more than 2000 words per order, no exceptions. "

This saves me a lot of drama. Proofreading isn’t something I can do fast, that’s why I will never proofread more than 2,000 words per order, I don’t care if they offer me $1,000, I just don’t have the time.

I saw his situation different, I think someone was selling something they could not do. There are times I have refund orders because I didn’t understand them, and didn’t have the time to understand them.

I can’t say I agree with you on this. I mean, it may be just $5 he spent, but the fact of the matter is the seller advertised that he/she could do this gig for $5 and do it well. You can’t go telling buyers you can do something for them for $5 and hand them over crap and say “What did you expect for $5?” My response would be “What you advertised.”

I’m a newbie, and can’t adjust my prices according to my skills, but if someone buys a $5 gig off me, I’m still going to give them my 100%.

The Preview File and file attached have to be the same. It isn’t possible to have a different preview file than the download file.