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Crazy buyer. I'm freaking out

Hi guys! I’m fairly new to fiverr and didn’t know who to turn to about this. I wrote a 5,000 word e book for a client that was quality work. I have only received positive reviews and repeat clients before him. He asked me to cancel the order and threatened a bag review if I didn’t instead write 5 1,000 word articles for him. What would you do in this scenario? I feel so disheartened by this and scared for how this will effect my performance.


You could report the threats using the report button or maybe in a ticket.
I’m not sure what the best other thing to do is. Some people might accept to cancel but then say that they lose the rights to it if they do and some sellers might publish it themselves if their buyers cancelled (if they hold the necessary rights).


He is attempting to blackmail and bully you. Like any bully, you need to stand up to him.

Most scum buyers like yours assume that sellers are afraid of receiving bad feedback and will cancel an order after delivery in order to avoid such feedback. The result is of course that the bully walks away with your work for free. And of course like any bully, if you agree to do the extra work unpaid - they will only come back for more.

Personally. I like to fight fire with fire and have a little fun with such scum. I would firstly report him to customer support enclosing a clear screenshot of his threat and blackmailing words.

I would then message him saying that you have reported him, and that you will not be doing any extra work outside of the scope of the order. He won’t be expecting that, which is the fun part.

Although there is no guarantee that customer support will remove any vindictive feedback that your buyer leaves, when I had a similar issue (albeit about three years ago now), CS did remove their feedback. Even if they don’t, you have a public right of reply twhich will be visible to anyone viewing your profile. And of course you can review your buyer.


Contact CS with the screenshot of the threatening messages and explain the situation. I hope they will help you.


How did this situation come about, Ariele? Has the buyer said that he specified 5x 1k word articles and that you misunderstood this as being one 5k ebook?

Much of this depends on the precise wording of what you discussed with him.

Having said that, he is a bully and sounds very unpleasant, but customer support will need to look at the wording of the original agreement. If you clearly were asked to draft an ebook and he has changed the specification, I am sure they will help you out–the wording of the messages will be important.


This post was so nicely worded! I wish I read it sooner, because I did cancel his order. However, I’ll follow this route in the future!

Sounds a lot like two buyers I had recently. One was for a Halloween story, and the other was for a holiday book. In the end, I got paid for the scary story book, but the other buyer didn’t pay me for the work on the holiday book. I posted what I did on my own blog because that’s the rule.

I took a break for a bit but am back again.

Never, ever let someone blackmail you.

Report this to Fiverr.

the matter must be reported. they will decide better