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Crazy Clearance Pending Time: The Facts

I know this has been a commonly discussed issue, and I pray not to sound redundant in my saying that a 14 day clearance pending time in addition to the likely 3 days of auto-clearance to have your order marked as complete. Worst, Fiverr often has a tendency to have a 24 hour lag to clear your order even after your allotted time has been payed.

As for the facts, I’ve been crawling around the forum for quite a while now, and I’ve gathered the following info:

  1. Fiverr uses this grueling period of wait for your money in order to ensure the buyer is 100% satisfied, in the case they decide to try to get a refund of their payment due to unhappiness or edit their review of the service.

  2. Buyers can contact customer service if they are unhappy with their order if the seller is not willing to refund their order, or if they decide to open a dispute even AFTER the fourteen day time period. This being said, I’m a bit confused as to why the two-week wait is necessary, when buyers can dispute payment outside of this time.

  3. During disputes, buyers almost ALWAYS get their money back, yet the seller’s services and time are never refunded.

  4. Buyers can edit their review even AFTER the 14 day time period.

    Please correct me if any of this is inaccurate. I was wondering if there was some other reason we have to wait 14 days to pend clearance?