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Crazy customer.... any ides?

So I did a design job for a guy who sent me 4 pages of a form that he scanned in and wanted recreated. There was a lot of text that I had to manually type in and he also had a ton of edits that were hand written. Some of the text he sent I couldn’t understand so I typed it out the best I could and left notes on the places where the text was illegible. I did very little design to this form because I wanted to get all the text correct before I started to design… which only makes sense…

Well I delivered the order with the caveat that he needs to proof read everything and come back with edits so I can then complete the design. He said ok I will get back to you in 2 hours… now 3 weeks later he never sent me any edits and posted a bad review on my page… even though I am 100% willing to work with him. The problem is this…

He says I need to deliver a 100% completed design including the text he is clearly going to take out… and text that I cannot even understand what it is… Just to redo the text and make me design it again… When all he needs to do is just proof it then I will finished the design. It is clearly a waste of my time to type text and make a design that is just going to change. It doesn’t make sense because regardless of the design… he has to proof it.

Now he wants a refund and I have a few hours of typing into this… and the order auto completed, if he complains to fiverr are they going to refund this money… even though he is being unreasonable?

Any insight would be awesome.


Also he is my first bad review in 657 orders… :confused:

I would do a mutual cancellation. If you send a message to cs, they can still do it even if it has posted complete. It has nothing to do with you. It happens. It’s painful.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Ahhhhh don’t you just love buyers like that!!!

I would refund the money!!! Now if you agree to a cancellation - the feedback should be removed!!! Talk to the client and see if he is willing to take it off if you refund the money…