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Crazy Low Price Demand and The Effect on My Gig,

Lately I’ve been getting many “spams”. It ranges from sample request from competitors or suspicious people who I thought will steal my sample. (How do I know? When I ask what kind of apps they develop, they can’t answer, or when I go to their profile page, they offer the same thing as me).

Then there are people, who demanded me to get my Premium Package (which is 30$) for 5$. I said no, but they keep insisting so I said don’t waste my time for demanding such low price.

One of them eventually bought my gig after long heated debate and demand to lower my price to 10$ for Premium package. He eventually bought a gig, which I couldn’t cancel obviously. So I deliver what he ordered and even added a bonus he shouldn’t even qualified for. Then without asking for revision, he left a 3 star reviews.

I’m really fed up by this. These people are spamming demanding insanely low prices and then we got punished for being strict with them and stick to our price. I notice most of them come from this one country (not going to mention specific here). It’s a recent thing though since I’ve had many clients from this place before and they’re nice. I wonder why.

I might have gotten trouble because of my strict wording because I haven’t got any sales for DAYS whereas I usually get one almost everyday.

Really frustrated.

Had a Look at your profile, seems like you are an already established seller with good reputation.

In the example you mentioned above, you already smelled trouble with this client right from the start.

Wonder, why you signed up for it anyway.

80% of the troubles you have to deal with comes from just 20% of your customers.

Such customers ends up giving you sleepless nights, no fault of your own.

You need to learn to say NO, when it demands so.

Next time, better to avoid these kind customers who comes up with un-reasonable demands.

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OP didn’t sign up for it, the buyer placed the order. Sellers don’t have the option to reject an order (well, we can cancel it, but with the monthly evaluation, that can mean losing a level if the seller doesn’t have many orders in the last 60 days).


Because cancellation rate affect my seller level. I have to maintain completion rate above 90%, that’s why.