Crazy number of impressions


I have made a gig yesterday for creating infographics… Today in analytics it shows me “170k Impressions from Fiverr” 24 clicks. Umm how’s this possible?

My other gigs that are 10 days old are like ~200 impressions and ~100 clicks.


Sometimes you just get lucky! :slight_smile: Keep it up.


3 sales(7% conversion) that’s nice. But only 24 clicks from 170k impressions? That’s a bit odd…


Reply to @kjblynx: Umm, guess so. Anyway, thanks :slight_smile:


I’m wondering if it’s another Fiverr glitch. I seem to recall reading something about a similar glitch. But… Or I could be thinking about something totally random. But 170k impressions in 24 hours. That’s a lot.