Crazy Prices! But I have an idea!


I’ve just been scouring the internet for open source music to use in one of my gigs. The little bit of open source music available is absolute rubbish - totally unsuitable! So I decided to look for Royalty Free music - after all paying for something is one way to ensure legality! Huh! The music costs much more than my gig! Standard prices seem to be well over $40 for a piece of music. There I was thinking a one time use license would cost about $5 or $10.

So then I head over to shutterstock - who possibly have the largest collection of royalty free images, video and music - OMG…

First of all, does anyone have any ideas where I can get free music from (which I am allowed to use legally in commercial projects), and secondly, maybe Fiverr should start offering this as a service! I’m thinking a completely different category where we can find stock music, images and video clips for $5 per use. I know that they are using Getty Images and it’s brilliant, but music and video are lagging. It would be nice to have an archive of music and video clips that we can search through and purchase to use on our gigs!

Maybe I should search fiverr and see if anyone offers instrumental music purchases as a gig!


Most of these are not free. I have a yearly subscription to a site which allows me to use their royalty free tracks for my work.

You can check out bensound for example. Some of these can be used free but only if you credit the artist. You can read more about the license on their website.


Have you checked Audioblocks? Unless I am (or they are) missing something, it’s this

Once you download a file it is yours to keep and use forever, royalty-free, even if you change your subscription or cancel your account.

for a very fair monthly or yearly subscription


Thank you for these resources. They are both excellent. At the moment, I don’t quite have enough orders to justify the subscription price - but as my orders increase, I am definitely going to sign up.

I still feel like it would be a great idea for Fiverr to offer sellers a library where they can sell their images, music, and video clips with prices starting at $5 for a single use.