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Crazy Seller Spamming Everyone

So, I was just checking out buyer request section and saw a request like this
"Is there anyone who can help me with this project? check the links below : " there were couple of links, I clicked one of them and found that those were his own gigs… means indirectly he wants clicks on his gigs… just wandering why there is no filter when someone posts a job on fiverr… they’re just spamming and wasting everyone’s time.
I request to those sellers who do this crappy way of getting clicks that this is not the way to get into business, try some genuine ways to get work, it will take some time but definitely you will get sales.
And I urge all others who see similar stuff, report them. I did my part :smiley:


some minutes ago I experienced two offers like this. There must be a button to report.

There is a button when you go to their profile page.