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Crazy stories?


What is the weirdest thing you have encountered on Fiverr? It can be a Gig you have seen, or something someone has asked from your Gig, it can be literally anything. Please, post your strange story below. :smiley:


Someone asked me to write an article about Pornhub even after my gig clearly said no adult content! =;


Reply to @katieder123: Wow…


Reply to @kjblynx: Seriously, did those people get their accounts shut down?


I get asked to put piano tracks to the songs floating in people’s head. Sometimes the gig will come in as a voice note recorded on a phone. No music, chords- just the voice. Now, if that isn’t difficult enough- there are times when the buyer can’t sing a lick and suffer from being tone deaf. If you’ve ever known a tone deaf person- then you know that it is virtually impossible to convince someone that they are-in fact- terrible at singing.

So… Now I’m writing the music someone hears in their head, with no reference, to a vocal track that is out of tune, having no idea what the person thinks is right or wrong.

Weirdest part? I know some people in the music business who sing every bit as “well” and no one tells them either lol.


Reply to @damooch916: That’s hilarious!


Someone asked me to make a video being a spokesperson for the third reich which would be shown to millions of supporters. I responded something like “hahah thanks for the laugh.” Turns out it was a joke. Oh, the things people think of!


Someone wanted me to do research to find them a place where they could purchase in bulk hundreds of thousands of Twinkies at a discount price, or where someone would freely give him Twinkies for life either by partaking in videos, or just out of the kindness of their heart. I had… no idea where I would even start with that. hahha


Reply to @freelancemm: Twinkies? Haha, was it a prank?


@lilredwriter No, I actually think the person was being serious. I told them I wouldn’t know where to start looking, and that was about as far as it got.

I think his intent in general was to get them cheap, then re-sell them elsewhere.


Wow! :slight_smile:


I haven’t had many buyers yet but one that I did do that I thought was kind of fun was for my singing gig (which I put up more for fun than to be professional) the first buyer wanted me to do the song finger tips by they might be giants… look up the song it’s pretty weird. I know it was more of a joke, but I did it because I thought it was amusing =) I am glad they enjoyed it none the less!