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Crazytalk Animation Software

Hi, I am planning to launch animation gig and used goanimate for 6 months but as my gigs are denied by goanimate I want to use different software. I see that crazy talk is the best alternative, Can any crazytalk expert tell me is this suitable and worths it and which plan or version should I purchase.

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What do you mean by that? How were your gigs on Fiverr denied?

Yes, Goanimte reported to fiverr that the seller dont have reseller rights and is not entitled to sale videos until he purchases reseller aggrement.

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So you were illegally reselling goanimate videos by not paying them the tier that allows that?

Will you at least pay for the crazytalk software?


I was not aware, As they denied my gigs, I approached them and they stated the issue they demanded the list of videos which I provided and they will give me a collective invoice to have reseller agreement which I will pay to get my gigs back.

Yes I will pay for crazytalk but I need to know which version is best for 2D videos, Also I am looking for a honest review about crazytalk and its video resale rights.

How did they found out about your gigs?

What did fiverr tell you when they took down your gigs?

Did goanimate send you that invoice? If so, how much was the total?

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In goanimate account I wrote about my fiverr profile, Fiverr told me that your gigs are denied due to 3rd party terms and conditions violations. If I had not mentioned my profile in the account summary of goanimate I believe they would not have found me. Goanimate says their standard rate is $80 per video but they will give me 39% discount to me for my all previous videos.

You are going to trade a premium for licensing with goanimate in exchange for the time that goanimate will save you. I have loved using crazytalk but all projects will take a great deal of time to complete. It will be time consuming to provide customization to your clients. You are going to have to figure out a work flow that will allow you to make money.

Work backwards. What are clients trying accomplish with a product they purchase? How can you create a product that will meet their goals? Is this product worth more to them than it cost you to make? You may figure out that your typical customer is only willing to invest $150-$300. Can you create a product in their price range that will meet their needs? It’s more about how the product will help them than how creative the product is.

It is easy to focus on the art and the creativity. Art and creativity will take alot of time. It’s hard to get compensated for that. Most client’s are not looking for art. They are looking for a product that will meet their business goals.

Good luck.