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Create 6 gigs 3 have image and 3 have video

hey there ,
so many top seller using form have any problem with my gigs? are they look good please tell me .
if i done any mistake then also told me .

thanks !!

Your gig’s 1st paragraph description for this gig " I Will Do Trending Typography T Shirt Design With In 4 Hours" is an exact copy of another gig from Fiverr

Dude the very basic requirement of Search engine’s from webmasters is to feed them some thing new, so that they rank you according to the feed’s worth you had submitted in SERPs. So, more unique the content would be, it’s more likely to rank on top pages.

Secondly see the url difference of your gig’s vs competitor’s gig.

  1. You are having it like: /create-retro-tshirts-vintage-t-shirts-trendy-t-shirts/
  2. The other guy’s gig: /create-2-custom-amazing-tshirt-design

Now what URLs would be like if search engine reads it in proper human manner?

  1. Your URLs human reading form: create retro tshirts vintage t shirts trendy t shirts
  2. The other guy’s URLs human reading form: create 2 custom amazing tshirt design

You might want to put a shirt on buddy.

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thanks for your reply but can you give me some thought how can i improve cause what i make or gig like search tag or title its all ready use cause fiverr have many t shirt gig … so how should i do ?

And another thing what you mean by exact copy r u check my gig image description and price ? check it carefully and told me what thing i copied ?

Yeah as i told, the 1st paragraph of your gig is exact copy of a gig by @mrhalloumi
You have to be very creative in this regards, make some new description. I mean totally new.

Sorry dude, but would that make me professional?

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ohh thanks for recognize me this fault i will fix it .

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lol if you had misspelled professional that would have made my day