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Create A Custom-Made Elegant Whiteboard Promotional Video (Unlike Anything You've Seen)


Heya All,

My name is Harshit Jain and I have been a Fiverr member since 2014. I have really enjoyed my starter success here but after a certain, while I kinda left Fiverr to focus on some other project.

However, I am back here now to spread some of my work to others and provide something I am good at. Though my major experience and expertise is in internet marketing and SEO but am quite a designer myself especially when it comes to whiteboard videos.

I’ve been using whiteboard promotional videos for a while now mainly for Youtube Advertising and the results have been just great. You’d be surprised to know that am averaging 80% view rates for my videos from tier 1 countries and subsequent actions for a 2-minute average advertisement. And that’s just awesome! Targeting plays a great role in it but it wouldn’t have worked if the content wasn’t good as we all know :slight_smile:

So, I thought why not share this great skill with others. Though it’s not free coz it requires quite some effort on my end but I am providing it for really affordable prices. The monetary compensation is not just for my skill and idea but for my time also coz I usually stay quite busy with my own work.

Anyways, just wanted to share a word with ya all here. You can check out my gig

A Little Background Check On Me:

I am an Entrepreneur with a 6-year experience in my field. I have been featured on INSIDER, NomadCapitalist, CeoBlogNaton, CarolRoth, LawnStarter and a bunch of other places.