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Create a live portfolio with just audio?

Hi! Sorry if this question has been answered a million times! I recently started a voiceover gig here on fiverr, and I would like to have a live portfolio of my work to show potential new customers. However, it seems I can’t do that with just audio - it needs to be a video. Any idea how to make live portfolio work (particularly where I can choose which files I would like to showcase)? I read somewhere that I should just create a video file and deliver that to my customer, but my customers need MP3s, not video files. I am lost! If there’s no way to have a live portfolio with just audio, I would be happy to create another video with the samples, but it seems I can only upload one video at a time. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you in advance!

yeah, that’s a great idea for fiverr to make an audio portfolio because I know a lot of people who have gigs for audio.

unfortunately the only way to showcase your audio is to put it in a video when you deliver the gig and in the inbox you give your customers the audio file.

Hi, when I deliver a gig I send a screenshot of the project to the buyer made in my sequencer to show them what I’ve done.

I agree that we need an audio portfolio option where we can attach audio sample of delivered gigs.

Thank you for your tips! I will start sending videos with the audio files. If someone doesn’t want their audio/video being in the live portfolio, how can I keep it from showing up? I wasn’t sure if it was possible to pick and choose which files you want to showcase.

Reply to @meliara: You can simply send a “sample audio track which you have made” instead of theirs, however putting the real file in a simple message.

It works.

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YES please Fiverr. I have been wanting this feature for a long time for my voiceover gigs. With the amount of voiceover gigs on Fiverr… how is this not already a feature.

This really should be an option. I just started working on voice overs and it seems a bit silly that you can’t just use the mp3 (or whatever) file as the Live Portfolio sample. Sure I can make a video with a simple image but that’s adding another layer of work that doesn’t need to be there.

Please make this happen.

It’s been a year since the last comment on this. Please make this happen Fiverr!!

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It would be awesome if they can accomplish that option.

Now that i’m signed up on fiver as a voice over talent, of course I’m running into the problem of audio to post to my portfolio. With Fiverr telling me I didn’t meet the criteria. It would help it Fiverr would create a simple solution to this problem

Do let me know if you’ve worked this out. One of my VO gigs seems to have past jobs adding to my portfolio; the others not. I recently bought a female VO and when she delivered the gig it showed a preview of the wav file and I would have had to have clicked the minus symbol to remove it and for it NOT to have been added to her portfolio. It seems some have it, some don’t. Do we have to physically activate this somehow?!