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Create a Logo Icon for Fiverr's Podcast - Fiverrcast


Something quick and simple


i will share my design soon


How about a design of the simple original green logo with a the text
Cast(under the fiverr.)
and on the side left or right a little mic


Here is a concept


Use the same head phones as in the music month, but under the head phones have the words written


I am no graphic designer but I thought a little green pea pod with three circles saying the words fiverr pod cast - or pod fiverr cast. If that is too simple then just add some little booted legs,arms and a headset on him.
Rita Ames


Heres a simple logo


Under the logo show a pod (like a pea pod) on the left and a fisherman casting on the righ Then place the word pod under the left image and the word cat under the right image.


Okay my two ideas:

  Two hands clapping together in a high five + 2 :"Rs" and a microphone below.  

So high five rr/microphone.

Or a microphone shaped like a five with reverb coming off the top.


Here’s mine :slight_smile:


Hi there,
Here’s mine idea
Good luck to all


I am currently a graphic design student at Full Sail with less than a year to get my bachelors but I have had some experience in logo design. Here’s one idea, presented in a few different ways. Its clean and uses simple vector graphics. I think it combines fiverr’s already established logo along with a representation of a podcast.

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Here’s my idea


Here’s my design as well :)>-


Here’s another


Here’s another


Here’s my suggestion


hi am anfas. i really happy to send this msg for me. i like to create a musical picture. i give some idea fiverr have 6 letters you can do (FIV) (ERR) you can edit this like a enjoy full eyes and you can keep mouth and nose also looking like a enjoy-full boy


thank you fiverr for giving me opportunity to participate :slight_smile:


This is just an idea.