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Create a Logo Icon for Fiverr's Podcast - Fiverrcast


tracy357 Here are some colors


A couple other logo ideas if going for a simple streamlined look.


Hello my name is angelino Perafan
this is my idea for the logo of fiverrcast
fiverr logo in the center that is what unites us all.
and many points around representing all of us at fiverr
at the same time points are a radio wave.

I hope you like my idea
Thank you

hola me llamó angelino perafan
esta es mi idea para el logo de fiverrcast
el logo de fiverr en el centro que es lo que nos une a todos.
y muchos puntos al rededor que representan a todos los que trabajamos en fiverr
a su vez los puntos son una onda de radio.

espero les guste mi idea


buen trabajo angelino :slight_smile:


here is my contribution


Just an idea, why not include an old radio or microphone in the logo. I prefer having the green color (pastel maybe) in the logo’s theme since it’s really relaxing to look and very Fiverr-ish. :slight_smile: since there are two hosts, maybe you can include a silhouette of the two hosts (face or full body).


How about this?


Here is my concept :smiley:


Reply to @edgardo38 gracias amigo :)>-


I’d like to submit my design. The logo can be used with or without the circle.

I created it as a black and white logo as I would color it what ever color(s) work best for where it will be displayed.


This is a great idea. I have one or two design(s). But to which address should it be up-loaded




this is my second idea for fiverrcast


Here’s one from me, hope you like it :)>-


or how about this one


this is just a concept


hi this is other ideas i hope you like O:-)


Am not sure what happened to the image when I first submitted, but here is my submission again with a slight modification. :slight_smile:


my design for fiverrcast i hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


here a submissiom from my side??check this one