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Create a Logo Icon for Fiverr's Podcast - Fiverrcast


Something like this? You could probably add the headphone chord. I’m not nearly talented enough to do so.


Thank you to all the participants! We are reviewing the logos and will be announcing the winner during a live chat session on Thursday Sept 10th at 3pm ET.


Reply to @izrahyel: To be considered, I would recommend you taking your gig url out of your submission/post


Reply to @ryancaldarone:

I vote for this 100%; this is great.


Reply to @izrahyel:

Can’t see attached image.


Reply to @skydesigner: I like it A LOT!


Reply to @edgardo38: Hi, I really like how you’ve done the record and headphones. I can totally see this with different colors too. My only suggestion would be to minimize the thin lines. I just finished logo design class and that is one of their warnings. You want your design to not only be distinguishable and pleasing on a billboard but also to be identifiable on the side of a pen or pencil. Sometimes when you scale it down that small, those lines might muddle up the design. If you can eliminate any of them without changing the design, you should do that. But really great job.


Reply to @dtongsports: Thanks :slight_smile: i appriciate


Reply to @edgardo38: Love it! Great job. Especially like that you switched to white on the record too, making it more versatile. I think my favorite is the the black and white on the last line. Good luck!


Reply to @tracy357: Its so great to hear that they still teach these principals in school! We also used to print out our work and hang it on the wall and step back, a design should look up close and at a distance.


Reply to @dukanu: I’m not sure what happened but here it is again. (headphones back though)


Reply to @rsdrawing: I said the same thing. I don’t think some people are doing enough research on FIverrcast. The logo needs to say Fiverrcast, or it will look like they are designing a new logo for Fiverr itself. You can see my submission in previous post.


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