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Create a new Gig for new year :)
Please tell me if any edition need for my new gig…I hope for the best for this new start…

Happy new year all my Friends and Fiverr member in Advance…


I thought the video was good, until the same edits showed up more than once. That makes me think that’s all you have, since you’re showing some twice, and thus encompass all your skill. Thus, if I don’t see exactly what I’m looking for I would move on.

Also, you offer black and white sketch in your basic package, but have no examples of it.


Thank you a lot for your valuable suggestion…Yes, you are right, actually, I want to make the whole gig with my work…That’s why some pictures show twice…In my second picture, I provide a black and white picture…But I think I should give Sample picture full black and white.
And also I add PDF file some black and white picture…Anyway, thank you again…Though gig is totally new so I will recover some details.

Maybe shorten the video instead of repeating, sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
After the first suggestion, I already change the video and make it shorter. And also add some Black and white work in PDF file… :slight_smile:

Nice one there. Keep it up

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Thank you so Much :slight_smile: