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Create Attractive Gig Image Tips

Hi everyone!

Share some tips of how to create a great gig image that will be readable and lucrative. As a designer, I saw a lot of gig images that are really tough to read because of large amount of text, colors that are not contrasting to each other, and bad quality images. So, here are some tips:

  1. An crystal-care thing - use high quality images and photos that look lucrative. No one will click on the gig that has blur image, because actual clients are looking for someone that they can trust in, and if your image looks like trash - buyers won’t believe that you are professional in working.

  2. Use as small text as possible. A short title written with bold, visible font will be read a lot faster and will get a lot more attention than wall of tiny text.

  3. Keep elements on right places. Always leave a space to breathe for your text, images and graphic elements. The viewer has to see clearly what is your gig about, and they won’t spend their time to read a lot of unnecessary text, they have lots of other gigs hanging around!

  4. Use contrast image! Even if your elements are aligned perfectly, you have to match the colors well. Example: black background, white title, image. Do not use lots of different colors, it will make your gig image look like trash. I recommend using 3 colors max.

That’s it, I hope these tips will be helpful!

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