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Create freelance alliance

As you know freelancing is a big opportunity to share knowledge and help people around the world.
Many outstanding people are here so it could be great if we exchange some experience stories and create a communication channel between us!

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You are already part of a “communication channel” – we call it the forum. You will find plenty of great “experience stories” by reading the forum, and responding to the commentary other people have already started. :wink:


Thanks jonbaas, I was thinking for example about a group for french speakers or a group for mexicans or whatever the common points are

Hi there @c3dric. Welcome back!! :smiley: It is a nice suggestion, but it won’t work. Everybody here is part of the community. Making groups won’t help you to solve problems. We are your friends already. Share your deeds, thoughts, and inquiries and we are happy to help anyone in need.

Good luck!

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