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Create Gig Title Problem

Hi, I’m new to Fiverr I have a problem with a complete overview step. When I created the gig title Fiverr didn’t allow me to save and continues. There is the red word that said: Title can contain letters and numbers only.

I try to change a lot of time to follow the stage but it doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.



You can try changing the category


Hi @ina789,
Fiverr gig title doesn’t allow comma/semicolon and icon or symbol such as ( , . - & @ $)


@freelancerap, in title, allow comma (,) but not allow to any symbolic character.


Thank dear, and does Fiverr need time to approve the account I just created 6 hr.

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Thank @freelancerap I didn’t use a comma or any icon. However, I looked back to see others and try to write similarly with them but it still doesn’t work. Anyway, my account just creates around 6 hr. Did Fiverr need time to approve or something?

Many thanks, sir

Hi Dear, How about it said that contain letters and number. I must have number, right?

Pls have a look at my ID you will get an Idea.

In title not allow image

@ina789 Gigs can be uploaded to Fiverr as soon as the account is opened. there is no time is required for this.