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Create more that 1 offer

Hi everyone, I’m new to Fiver, I just got my 2d order and the client wants to double the order.
Let say My gig is 1 ilustration he wants 2 ilustrations, when I go to the chat and create an offer, I can’t find the quantity buttom, It doesn’t let me double up the order
How can i do that?
Do i have to create a gig for 2 ilustrations?
I don’t know what to do.
Thank you all in advanced.

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You have to write in the custom offer description like: 2 illustrations

Then put the price and delivery time and other things


You can add description as 2 illustrations and increase the budget accordingly.

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Thank you all for your replies.
let’s keep on working :smiley:


You simply have to write 2 in the gig description as recently I completed an order of writing 20 articles so I wrote 20 in the description. Although it was showing only 1 in the quantity section but I think that’s not a big problem as you and the buyer know well about the quantity.