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Create New Account and link old payoneer



I have create my 1st fiverr account Last year some reason it was band after 45 days fiverr give my funds 2016/12/22 that date,after i create my 2nd fiverr account in 2017 jan and after i link my payoneer account in feb 6 and day after my 2nd account all so band fiverr reason was multiple account,i want to know in my life time i can create only one fiverr account?one person can create only one payoneer account how i link that account in this case my payoneer account useless because i can’t add it to my new fiverr account,after band my fiverr how can i create new one it’s happen again and again please help me i don’t know what to do fiverr Customer Support no respond to my massages please help


It sounds like fiverr does not want you to have an account. Anyone who tells you how to do this will be telling you how to get around the rules.


Why You need To have Fiverr Account … it might be Question…


Usually any online ‘entity’, be it fiverr, or another, does consider it a violation of their terms if you create another account after having been banned. It´s like if you get a house ban from a shop or a bar, if they show you the door while you’re wearing a teal hoodie, that doesn´t mean they are cool with it if you come back in an orange hoodie.
Look at the Terms of Service, it might help to understand, the relevant part in your case probably would be this, note the ‘all accounts’, which encompasses both multiple parallel but also multiple accounts made one after the other:

Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

opening a new account after you closed your former account yourself for some reason opening a new account after having your former account suspended/terminated/banned


Fiverr pretty much doesn’t want you here lol. You obviously did something against the TOS to get banned.