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Create new gig in my profile

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A lot of random people favoriting your gig is not going to help you. That function is just a bookmark for buyers, nothing more.

Also, you still have the same stolen logo I pointed out before in your gig. Maybe I should report you this time since you obviously don’t learn.


I’m so sorry i will. Please

Can you please tell me are you talking about this profile pic image…

Who told you that clicking the heart icon on your Gig would get you orders, ranked or on the first page of your category?
Asking random people in the forum to click the heart thing is not how you succeed here.
You may need to do more research in the forum to find out how to be successful on Fiverr.

I would.



Please try to understand we are new seller at fiverr, so we don’t know about gig rank. we need good suggestion from top seller.