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Create Orders "Manually"


I’d like to be able to manually add an order to my ‘manage sales’ page. Essentially using the Fiverr system not only to get new orders, but also as a way to organize my work.

I offer writing services both on Fiverr and other places as well. If I could add in my orders from off of fiverr into this system to help me stay organized and make sure I’m working on things in the right order that would be great.

I’d be happy to pay to be able to do that as well…Either $X per item I add or maybe as a feature for LVX and above or something like that.

I doubt this will be implemented, but the order management piece of Fiverr is extremely useful to me and I’d love to be able to expand its use.




But why you dont use an excel file and insert all your orders there so you can keep track of them?

I dont think fiverr can add this because manage sales section is only to keep track of fiverr sales. :slight_smile:


I like the way the fiverr system is set up. Using a excel spreadsheet is difficult for me because I do my work from multiple different places (home, work, laptop, ect). The file sharing sites are blocked from my work so I can’t just share a file across that either. :frowning:


Could you not set everything up on a calendar in your phone or something like that? I have a diary that I write everything in because I offer my services in many different places. It denotes the deadlines for everything in red and then in black I pencil out my day.