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Create your badge (?)

How does this section works? I would love to create my own badge but i dont know how.
i can’t even change the category.

Thanks in advance
Maria S


What category do you want to select? As you don’t have a gig (hope it’s correct) on other categories you can’t change the category.


The only available category is graphic design. I have some gis in other categories but i can’t change anything in the create a badge section (name, photo etc).

Maria S.

I can see all of your 5 gigs are in Graphics & Design. These are embedding your Fiverr Gig/profile, you can’t change Photo or other Titles.

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You can’t change this. It’s only editable so you can copy and paste the code easily and put into your website (in an HTML-friendly editor or widget)

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I can see that others have their own photo there. I seems wrong that i cant change it

Maria S.

Also where i can copy and paste this? Only here on Fiverr ? can i use it on Facebook? Or somewhere else?

Maria S.

They do have their own photo there. That’s how it works.