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Created a Fiverr Pro application, still waiting on result

Wait for a few months, then email CS and remind them.

I waited for 1+ year and it turned out they just forgot. Well, not officially forgot, but I got my rejection letter a few hours after I asked how my application was going.


Something similar happened to me. I applied and didn’t hear back, I then chased up and was told I was actually approved but it hadn’t been activated on my account correctly (they even sent me a screenshot showing I had been approved in their backend internal syste,) - but then someone else messaged me less than 24 hours later and said I was rejected.


Oh. This is a bit cruel. :confused:


Yeah - a bit mean … :grimacing: :sob: :poop:


I see it as a blessing really. I think it took them quite a while to really figure out the best way to position and market pro gigs. In the meantime, it seemed to just push buyers to look for cheaper priced alternatives but those alternatives were then much better priced for the seller than pre-pro. Before Pro, there were certain services I just couldn’t list (like SEO) as no one would buy a $300 base service. When pro came in charging $2,000 for the same work, it made mine look like a bargain and they started to sell incredibly well.


I don’t know why you would be rejected for Pro, but then I’m not involved so it’s none of my business. But still, I probably would have approved you. I consider myself an art expert :smile_cat:

I wonder if you could have another niche somehow.


It’s been a while since I applied but just by the questions that were asked repeatedly in that form, I:

a) don’t have social media “brag” accounts (my behance has 100+ followers, my dribble has 200+ and I don’t do anything to improve the situation),

b) am self-taught (digital design was not a thing you could get education on in my country in 2001),

c) don’t have any projects for famous/well-known brands in recent years (all my brand cred was left behind when I left the ad agency job in early 2015).

There could be also some kind of issue with the pro logo gig I proposed. Portfolio-wise I’m more pro with logos than I am with posters so it made sense to go that route. My logo portfolio is extensive, has brand cred and looks better than some of those that were accepted (ahem). But well. Maybe fiverr wanted me to create a pro gig for posters instead.

It’s been confusing and I let it go for the time being.


Well if anyone is a pro at making posters it’s you by the looks of it but then if they want those kinds of credentials then it’s understandable. Personally I wish you had a couple of other niches. I love your art. It is stunning.


I have a secret ambition of creating a logo gig. I have a small collection of colorful animal/monster heads logos that are already done (same style I do posters in) so it’d be something special and cohesive presentation-wise. And I’d actually have fun making those.

Logo niche on fiverr is a bit terrifying, though. Still full of $5 buyer mentality. So I’m not ready yet.


I love your use of colors slammed together. I do think something without all the printing would be nice but it’s your style so… a logo should be simple. I wish I could see some of yours. Your posters are so attention grabbing, exciting, just what is needed to express an event.


Thanks for all the responses guys, this is my first gig doing freelancing on this platform. FYI on my background, I’m a visual effects artist currently working on an undisclose netflix project. My previous filmograph titles include: Avengers infinity war, Fast and furious 7, Jungle Book and the Hobbit Battle of five armies. I’d like to bring some more quality character animation services to this platform, so I’ve gone for the fiverr pro option. Hopefully they get back to me soon, thanks for all the tips guys


Always great to see a fellow animator, although it feels kind of intimidating meeting someone who can do what you do.

Suddenly my animation skills look amateur at best.

If you are looking for some feedback let me help you by saying that even though your skills seem amazing your gig is built the wrong way.

People have no way of knowing what it is they will get, especially in your basic package.

Plus it would be a great idea to re-work your gig’s description since your target audience is not your average joe.

To be honest I am more likely to purchase your gig than the average Fiverr buyer.


@twistedweb123 - nice profile, man. I came to this platform as an experiment and quickly realized that a lot of buyers want very low rates. They skip my gig description, where I clearly list my fees and licenses. My rates off this site are significantly higher, and that is what I am used to. I have gotten a lot of work here but would love to get to the top seller status to work with my targeted audience (premium buyers). Any tips on getting from level 2 to Top and then Pro? Appreciate ya!

Have you considered specializing in a niche? Focusing on certain audiences, pricing and branding yourself a certain way can repel cheap buyers. True professionals buy based on what is most valuable to their business vs what is the cheapest way to get the job done.

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I applied for same category and in total - it was around 4 - 5 times. I am still waiting for the final decision from them for the last time I applied.

same case. I didn’t get any response from them. I contacted fiverr support, they told me that it will take some time due to a lot of application.

You should get a mail & as your application is not rejected yet hope for the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

good news everyone, I got accepted into the fiverr pro program! I will be meeting with a community manager from fiverr next week


That’s great - congratulations! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Congratulations @agktran !

Welcome to the club.

I am here if you need any help with orientation.

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