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Created a new Gig, come bless it

So I just created a new Gig on my page, so if you’re looking for a premium quality facebook cover photo, am your guy. Here is the link

Now go over there and give me a couple of clicks and views so I can feel good about myself and hopefully get my first order. Cheers

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1 hour gone … zero views , sweet. Amazing and supportive community, yaaay !

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Gave it a view man … Bless you :smiley:

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Good luck. But sometimes people don’t like to be told to do something!

If you had said “Would love you to check out my gig” or something like that the response may have been different.

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Views etc. don’t refresh in real time - maybe you’ll see some increase in tomorrow’s stats?

yeah , actually i posted this here for all to see , cause the last several times i’ve posted Gigs , they didnt show up in the SERP’s until several days later. One time i had to contact CS. So my thinking is , maybe if even a handful of people view it , it’ll be enough to force it unto the search algorithm, or not … certainly wouldnt hurt to try something at least lol