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Created account this month and got order now.Welcome me with your advice

I created my account this Month. Luckily, I got my first order this morning. It is really awesome.
This is my first time to post here. I have heard a lot about Fiverr forum, I hope it will favour me. Your advice on my gigs and profile are highly welcome. I want to be getting order regularly.
I create whiteboard explainer video for all kinds of business even for gigs video.


Welcome To Fiverr

Just some quick suggestions. Your gig description says “We” in some place and “I” in Some; looks pretty confusing for me as a ‘buyer’ to know if I’m dealing with a ‘person’ or a brand. If you want to stick to presenting yourself as a full ‘company’ then fine and if you want to be ‘personal’ about it, Great. But you have to stick to one.

That would be all. Goodluck in your fiverr journey.


@explainermarcel keep it up hope your Success

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Thanks…I appreciate.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will correct it