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Created account years ago, but started working now

Hello everyone!!!
Myself Mushahid Shah. I’ve created Fiverr account back in 2015, but now I’ve joined this amazing workplace on a regular basis.
I’m a Graphic Designer, and waiting for my 1st order :wink:
Wish me luck :smiley:


Welcome, you sound like me last year ago.

I opened the platform in 2014 but couldn’t get a chance to work on Fiverr, I just get work started last year.

Just stay focused on the platform and offer your buyer quality services with good communication, with all this success is yours.


Hello! Good luck on being a seller here on Fiverr, I’m sure you will get your first order sooner or later :raised_hands:


Thanks mate, will follow your advice :innocent:


Thank you, Ma’am, I hope so :innocent:

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Hello and good luck!

I started back in 2011 and recently came back after about five years of life happening. LOL

I hope you get a gig soon! I was able to get one shortly after re-opening my book trailer gig, but now I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting on another one. Here’s hoping we both get some good business soon! :slight_smile: