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Created an offer but they didn't receive it

Boy, hard to choose a category. Why isn’t their a category for Questions?

Anyway, my question is I completed the quote and sent it 3 times and the buyer didn’t receive it. How does it work? What might I be doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi Christine,

Can you see the offer that you sent from your side in the inbox messages?

When you send an offer both of you can see it in your chat inbox and you can’t send another offer without withdrawing the previous one.

maria tThank you so much responding.

No, I can’t see the offer in my chat and neither can she. I actually didn’t know where it would show up - in the chat or her email box. Never done it before.

Is there some other place I can see the offer and cancel it?

You tried to create an offer from your inbox, right?

In your inbox messages you’ll see a tab “create offer”

When you press on it it will take you to choose your gig or show this screen :point_down: which you need to fill and press send button and after that it will show up as a message in the inbox

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Oh, i think i know what I did wrong. I did both of them. I picked one of my gigs and filled out the form.