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Created my first gig about animation

I decided to create my first animation gig. I’m still new to this field, but I have high hopes. Because illustrations and animation give me great pleasure and I want to improve myself in this direction.

I created my own gig and it seems good to me. But I could be wrong =)) I will be very happy if you give me feedback or tips on how to improve my gig.

It’s so professional, go on!

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Interesting body of work.

My only note is that it’s not 100% what it is you do. Do you design the character? Do they need to provide it?

Also the fact that you are only focusing on duration may be a bit of a problem.

What about background design? Sound? What’s the difference between each package in terms of complexity of animation?

I think you need to be a bit more specific about what’s offered and set some expectations.

I also feel that your Premium package may be targeted towards other animators so maybe you should mention how you rig characters?


Before that, I only drew characters. It was easier with the conditions there.
Now see better what I should work on.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

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Thanks =). But apparently I still need to work on my gig.